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Week Two Coordination Visit Update

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🚀 **Week Two Coordination Visit Update**: We’ve wrapped up another intense week of collaborative work in Slovenia.

🤝 **Strategic Meetings**: Our team from the University of A Coruña met with coordinators from each of the partner groups in Slovenia. We outlined general action plans, discussed second half fund allocations, and reviewed the scheduling framework for upcoming deadlines. We also planned forthcoming multiplier events across each of the three countries.

📚 **Curriculum Development Follow-Up**: Continuing our work from last week, we met again with researchers to refine our curriculum approaches based on our observations and interactions with teachers and students during class visits.

🌐 **Project Expansion**: As a highlight, we’ve started planning potential extensions and preparing for the continuation of the project in new calls to expand its scope.

🏭 **Industry Connection**: With the coordinators, we also defined the strategies to strengthen ties with industrial components, involving companies and other stakeholders. We also detailed strategies to enhance sustainability, inclusion, and diversity based on previous discussions with teachers.

🏖️ **Student Break**: The students are now on their well-deserved vacation, recharging for the start of the final year of work beginning in August/September.

🏁 **Visit Conclusion**: The visit has now concluded, and our team has returned to A Coruña. We will continue to work remotely and keep you updated with further developments.

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