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Coordination and Follow-Up Visit

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🚀 Update on the Coordination and Follow-Up Visit: Wrapping up a productive first week.
This week, together with our partners at the University of Ljubljana and Šolski Center Velenje, we focused on several key activities:

📊 Evaluating Progress: We met with researchers at the University of Ljubljana to review the Mid-term Project Report. The evaluation was positive—🌟🎉👍—highlighting our successes while also identifying areas for improvement. We’re now devising strategies to refine our approach in the final year of implementation.

📚 Curriculum Development: We’ve been diligently working to develop a finely-tuned final curriculum. Our goal is to maximize the learning experiences from the first two years and focus our efforts this last year.

👩‍🏫 On-Site Class Monitoring: We conducted an on-site visit at Šolski Center Velenje to observe classes in action, meeting with teachers to discuss materials, improvements, and specifically focus on enhancing student engagement strategies🎯.

🤝 Collaborative Planning: We began planning a joint lesson for an upcoming training session in Spain, aiming to incorporate innovative teaching methods and elements from the three key modules:

🖥️ Computer Vision🤖 Robotics🌐 Ambient Intelligence.

More updates to come as we proceed with the second week of our visit.

Thanks for staying connected! 🌟

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