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Article submitted to MIT AI & Education 2024

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🌟 Exciting News! 🌟

Our paper, “Understanding the Potentials of LLMs for Human-Robot Interaction,” has been submitted for review to the prestigious MIT AI & Education Summit 2024! πŸŽ“πŸ€–

πŸ“„ Authors: Alejandro Romero, Sara Guerreiro-Santalla, Francisco Bellas, and Abraham Prieto

πŸ“š The paper explores how Large Language Models (LLMs), like ChatGPT, can enhance Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). By integrating natural language processing into robotics, we aim to make communication with robots more intuitive and effective. This is part of our AIM@VET project, focusing on AI education for VET and high school students across Europe. 🌍✍️

πŸš€ Why MIT AI & Education Summit 2024? The MIT AI & Education Summit is a leading conference that brings together experts in artificial intelligence and education from around the world. It’s a platform for showcasing innovative research, exchanging ideas, and exploring the future of AI in educational settings. Having our work reviewed and potentially presented here is a significant opportunity to contribute to and learn from cutting-edge advancements in AI education. 🌐✨

πŸ” Key Highlights:

  • Our students will work hand-in-hand with the latest AI technologies, specifically using LLMs to program robots with natural language.
  • Development of natural language interpreters for robot control.
  • Use of LLMs for understanding and generating human-like text.
  • Practical activities for students to engage with AI and robotics.

Stay tuned for more updates! πŸš€

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